Stephen Releases Exciting Genre Blending Single “Crossfire”

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LA-based artist Stephen has impressed us time and time again with his genre defying creations. Although he initially grabbed our attention with the first song he released in over a two years called "Remembering Myself," Stephen continued to kept us hooked with tracks such as his electro-rock cover of Adele's "Hello" and follow-up single "Fly Down."

Now today we have one of Stephen's most impressive cuts yet. "Crossfire" is a gut-wrenching song dealing with the unjust, widespread suffering around the world. Skillfully blending indie-styled guitar and drums with subtle electronic layers – all done by Stephen himself – "Crossfire" evolves from a slow burning indie-electronic track into an all out rock fueled anthem complete with soulful female vocal harmonies. Check out his inspiration behind the track below and stay tuned for more from this 2015 stand-out. Enjoy!

"There are people out there who are suffering and there's very little they can do about it. Sometimes I feel guilty when I'm happy because I know that these people are hurting."

Stephen – Crossfire