Stephen Releases An Adele “Hello” Cover You Need To See & Hear


With Adele breaking her drought of new music with “Hello,” we expexted a sea of remixes, which have begun rolling in like Anevo's take on the track. But we have been blessed with a full on cover of the song from a new familiar face we've been featuring, Stephen. The genre-defying artist has been on our radar with songs like “Remembering Myself,” and “Fly Down”, and brings his electronic / rock fusion to flip "Hello" upsidde down.

We get this cover in video form as this intriguing artist shows himself in his home studio plugging in instruments as he brings the cinematic video to life with shots of the beach and a campfire sliced in with the making of the track. Stephen really makes this cover his own as he rocks out on guitar and adds drums to the track while even utilizing the use of two tennis rackets hitting each other as a rhythmic layer. This stear a little more in the rock lane then the previous two releases, but we aren't complaining. Keep an eye on this up and coming. Enjoy.

Stephen – Hello (Adele Cover)