Steve Aoki & Antoni Tudisco Collaborate For Colorful Crypto-Art NFT Collection


Steve Aoki just entered the world of NFTs through a very well-done collection partnering up with renowned digital artist Antoni Tudisco. The Hamburg artist is well known for his 3D visuals, so NFT’s seem to be the perfect space for his art. He’s worked with companies like Versace, Nike, Adidas, as well as artists like Pop Smoke.

The two creatives put together a collection that just launched with Nifty Gateway, and it sold out in a flash. It featured a total of 11 different original pieces.

Read here to learn more about NFTs and a breakdown on what exactly they are if you have any questions

8 of the pieces released were priced at $2000 per piece with a limited edition run to 218. This means that there is an aspect of randomness as to what you get and you only get one, unlike with digital collectibles where you might get multiple in a pack similar to deadmau5 and his recently dropped RAREZ. Buyers had a random chance of getting one of the 8 different original animations, with the rarest one of the series being “whales.” It had only a .46% chance of scoring, so only one lucky person got it. Because it was so rare, this one will be much more valuable and demanded in the long run. This drop alone brought in $436,000 and sold out almost instantly. See below a few of the pieces from the collection.

The Open Edition collection from this drop featured two pieces “character x” and “run” (seen below), which minted at price points of $2500 and $5000, bringing in $2.945 million in under 20 minutes.

So far, the releases have brought in $3.3 million so far, not counting an auction still going for a 1 of 1 prize. That one is up for auction here and just broke $100,000. Buyers of the auction piece as well as some of the other editions will be able to show them off in the physical display screens pictured below. A great touch for making the somewhat abstract idea of an NFT feel more tangible.

Overall this has been a great execution of a collection on the fine art side of the NFT space, with Nifty Gateway continuing to lead the way for this exciting digital medium.

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