Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson – Wake Up (Datsik Remix): Insane BANGER Dusbtep Remix


Steve Aoki is a site favorite, we've helped present 2 shows, posted a handful of his remixes, and now I've got an insane new remix that is sure to do exactly what the title 'Wake Up'. The original high energy track by Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson has so much going on, and it's a little intense for some. Well one of my favorite dubstep producers Datsik, who I've posted his epic remixes of Bassnectar -Basshead, M.G.M.T. – KIDS . and M83 – We Own The Sky. He takes Aoki and Samson's track and makes it his own high energy dubstep BANGER. This song has just as much energy as the original but that smooth dubstep twist. This song is the perfect way keep going through spring break, especially for  raging at 9am. Turn it up and enjoy!

Wake Up (Datsik Remix) – Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson | Download

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