[PREMIERE] Marian Hill’s Sax Player Steve Davit Makes Solo Debut With Incredibly Catchy Single “Forward”


For those of you familiar with Marian Hill, you're aware of the group's emphasis on saxophone in both their recordings and live show. Well now the man behind the sax, Steve Davit, has shared his debut solo release “Forward” and we're incredibly excited to be sharing it with you all.  

Regarding the project, the initial idea came from a creative point on a tour last fall – I remember being in a Denver hotel around my birthday and I found an old sax sample I had sent Jeremy.  I cut it up a bit and created the opening riff of Forward.  It took me a while before I actually knew what to do with it.  A while later I shared that and a bunch of other grooves I had written with Sam and Jeremy and they both really liked this one, so I figured I should start turning it into a full track.  It's gone through many many iterations – I essentially left it alone for months before I could come back and finish it.  The biggest piece of advice I got from Jeremy was to be more concise, so I cut out sections and rearranged some stuff – and then it just clicked.  The hardest part then was naming the track.  For a while it was just "Bari Sax Groove" … not very catchy.  Since this is the first thing I've released since college, I decided that this track represents me stepping forward into growth, as both a musician and a producer – thus "Forward" became the title. – Steve Davit

Davit is an amazingly talented artist who has a way of using his baritone sax in different ways, almost sounding like multiple instruments all across the same sax line. Here he puts both his musicianship and songwriting on full display with this unique release. Like much of his work with Marian Hill, “Forward” finds infectious sax melodies coming together alongside crisp jazzy percussion, but with his own spin as he builds layer after layer while the song evolves throughout taking many different turns. He keeps us on our toes with “Forward” showcasing his ability to push the boundaries of his musicianship with this amazing, soulful release that will surely be stuck in our heads for hours. Enjoy!

Steve Davit – Forward