Stevedreez Drops Breezy Bedroom Pop Single, “Darling”


This past February, we were introduced to Virginia based artist, Stevedreez, and his plush downtempo single, “DLMD.” Today, we have Steve back on site, this time with nostalgia kissed tune and accompanying video titled “Darling,” that’ll have you pining for a chocolate malt, some French fries, and love on the arm.

The pleasant twang of guitar upstrokes instantly flash us back to that 1950’s era diner. A wavy guitar solo glides through the air in lead up to Stevedreez’s exceedingly suave vocal, and heart-smitten daydream ensues. You can’t help but sink into the sepia toned fantasy and that’s totally fine, we actually encourage it.

Throw your worries and troubles into the back seat for a bit, and focus on the love story in front of you, three minutes of carefree reverie awaits. Stream Stevedreez new single, “Darling,” below. Enjoy!

Stevedreez – Darling