Stimming Makes Magic on Club-Focused Mix of “10 000 Miles away from home”


We love when producers remix their own songs for the dancefloor. Stimming, a German producer, is the latest to do so, dropping a club remix of his own track “10 000 Miles away from home.”

The original version of the song, on his album Ludwig, is more subdued and orchestral. On this new remix, Stimming turns up the BPM while preserving the beauty of the original. We get the same futuristic synth inflections, static-y glitches, and layered instrumentation, but now the track feels like it belongs more in a dark basement rave rather than in a misty forest fantasy.

Explaining his reasoning for the genre switch up, Stimmy says:

The only reason for me to be 10 000 miles from home is when I’m playing dance music! I put into the original track all the different impressions, which can be overwhelming at times, about the experience, but I was curious how well the 4/4 club perspective would fit on that track. I’m happy with the result and looking forward to playing it again – in a club, 10 000 miles from home…

If you want to be taken into Stimming’s club world, click the streaming link below. Enjoy!

Stimming – 10 000 Miles away from home (Club Mix)