Stööki Sound Break 3-Year Hiatus with New Trap Single “Lost”


Electronic music has a lot to thank electronic trap for. Its boom in the early to mid-2010s grabbed the attention of rap fans all over the world, helping make EDM the powerhouse it is today. But in the late 2010s, the move toward genres like dubstep and bass music was apparent. The biggest acts, including TNGHT, Flosstradamus, and Yellow Claw were breaking up or taking a break. And 2019 saw the announcement of London-bred Stööki Sound‘s hiatus. Obviously, that didn’t mean they stopped being involved in music completely. DJ Lukey was dropping mixes on Mixcloud, and we even premiered jELACEE’s return solo release in April last year. But now, trap lovers can relax. As of today, Stööki Sound is officially back, and their new track “Lost” is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Escalating, extraterrestrial synths and eerie keys introduce the tune, building up the anticipation we’ve held for years. The drumline kicks in to pick up the pace, mimicking a marching band that’s helping celebrate this major win for the scene. Finally announcing the two trap legends at 0:54, we hear the iconic “Stööki Sound” beat tag for the first time in three years. Nostalgia takes over your body as the duo delivers a classic hard-hitting hook brimming with vibrant vocal chops and clanging percussion.

Stööki Sound make their return with the new tagline, “Öriginality Never Ends,” and although “Lost” reminds us about why we started loving them, this time we’ll be sure not to box them in. Blending trap, grime, hip-hop, and electronic music, the twosome is back with a vehement ferocity. Yesterday on their r/trap AMA, someone asked, “Are you picking up right where you left off, or should fans expect a new evolution in your sound?” Stööki Sound answered: “Definitely going to be sticking to our sound, but also going to evolve and develop….”

But for now, we’ll take the W with their reunion single, which you can stream it below. Enjoy!

Stööki Sound – Lost | Stream