My name is Nick Guarino and I reside in Boulder, Colorado. While attending the University of Colorado pursuing an Advertising degree I occupy my time helping out with various concerts and festivals, producing and performing in the mashup group Sorry for Partying, and trying to surround my entire life with the thing I love most, music.

I hope you will find that I aim for quality over quantity with the songs found here. I try to let you appreciate a new song, which is something that commonly gets lost this day and age with so much digital music.

And yes this site is completely legal, I only post songs, remixes, etc. that the artists have okayed me to do. I always include iTunes links or ways of connecting and supporting the artists that I feature. Enjoy!

Thanks for all the support and success of the site. We are at over 4 million+ hits a month and over 300,000+ unqiue visitors a month!