Stranger Things Is Back: Listen To Stunning Official Soundtrack & Original Scores Here

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Stranger Things is back! The third season of the hit Netflix original series has made its highly anticipated return. Not only is the show one of my favorites, but the soundtrack and original scores are both glorious. The first couple seasons were accompanied by ominous 80’s themed original scores full of creepy synthesizer instrumentals from collaborators Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

Honestly these scores for seasons one and two have been some go-to albums to listen to while working and this one is no different. With the new season hitting Netflix yesterday, the official soundtrack is available now on streaming platforms along with a vinyl release hitting stores July 26.

The official soundtrack includes 15 classic tracks from the eighties and is a separate piece from the original scores from Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein under the album titled Stranger Things 3 – Original Score From the Netflix Original Series. We’ve included both below for your listening pleasure.

Stranger Things 3—Original Score From the Netflix Original Series