Get Ready For Premiere Of Stranger Things Season 2 With The Incredible New Soundtrack

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Stranger Things returns! The Netflix show that took the world by storm is iconic for many reasons, one of them being the incredible soundtrack and theme song. Now the time has come for Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack, and it’s sounding incredible. 

The music on the show is handled by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, who are members of an experimental synth group called S U R V I V E. The two talented composers capture an ominous 80’s themed-sound on the soundtrack that set the aesthetic for and fit the show absolutely perfect. I’m a fan of the show and one of the reasons for this is the incredible music accompanying the story. The music evokes mood so perfectly that I actually felt like the plot and storyline the show was being spoiled while I was listening. I purposely didn't look at the track names as I felt they might be spoilers.

Here Dixon & Stein stay true to the sound of season one’s soundtrack, while building on the experimental sound. The two include heavy use of 80’s keyboards and synthesizers paired with thundering drums and ambient layers. They have a way of layering textures in a dark, foggy sort of way at times while also being euphoric and lush at others. The music stands on its own apart from the show and serves as great music to work or study to, although you might get scared at times. Stay tuned for the show to become available on Netflix Oct. 27 Enjoy!

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)