Stuntin Like Mufasa: Lil Wayne vs Lion King (Must Hear Mash-up)

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Alright so today I've got something special for you all, it's possibly the most rediculous mash-up I have ever heard. And parts of it actually work suprisingly well. Now it may not be quite as catchy as the other absurd remix of Lil Wayne vs The Office Theme posted earlier.  This track was mashed by DJ DOYOU and he did a great job. This is track is funny, odd, unique, and some parts… sick. Well i'm not promising the song of the year, but give it a listen, at least for a laugh haha. Enjoy and try and visit the ads on the right if you can, simply clicking the ads helps out so much.

Stuntin Like Mufasa (DJ DOYOU mashup) – Lil Wayne vs Simba


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