Sublab Blends Passion and Power On Futuristic New Track, “Next To Me”


We hear massive amounts of music on site. Some tracks radiate emotion through their lyrics, others demonstrate raw power through production. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, we come across a song that captures both in razor sharp synchronicity. Today must be our lucky day, because German producer, Sublab, has delivered just that with his explosive new single, “Next To Me.”

Oscillating synths move with pinpoint precision creating a somber space for the fervent confessional verses. With fine tuned sound design and masterful mechanized themes, Sublab accentuates the wistful nature of the lyrics in a way that is unquestionably felt by the heart.

When you have the double edged sword of production quality and songwriting ability, there’s little you can’t do. Having said that, we certainly look forward to hearing more from Sublab in the future. Stream his new single, “Next To Me,” below. Enjoy!

Sublab – Next To Me