SUBSHIFT Teams Up with Owie on Revenge House Anthem “In My Bag”


For anyone who’s ever needed a house anthem that gives a metaphorical middle finger, SUBSHIFT and Owie have the song for you. Proudly proclaiming that they’re doing just fine on their own, “In My Bag” combines Owie’s lyricism with SUBSHIFT’s dark production.

This track is definitely one for the club, which is actually how Denver-based Owie was discovered by Hood Politics, the label the track was released on. Owie’s vocals bounce along a dark bassline, tinged with strobing synth effects and clean beats. In a half rap, half growl, Owie talks about how he “ain’t even mad” about ending things with a toxic significant other.

If the lyrics seem pointed, that’s because it’s based on a true story that happened to Owie:

[I was] involved with a girl who gave off a lot of “red flags” that I swept under the rug, yet continued to date her, and then out-of-the-blue she began seeing someone else (The “Chad” referenced) posting all over her social media. The track is about me sorting through this scenario in my head, reminding myself that I still have a lot going for me, not letting one person have that much control over my wellbeing, and to be proud of who I am regardless of the circumstances.

You can check out “In My Bag” below. Enjoy!

SUBSHIFT – In My Bag (feat. Owie)