Subtronics & Cyclops Recordings Release Insane EP From Winners Of Splice Sample Production Contest

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Subtronics and his label Cyclops Recordings recently teamed up with Splice to do a really cool project. They enlisted producers to come up with an original track using sounds from Subtronics’ Angry Robot Noises Sample Pack for a chance to release the track on the label. They’ve chosen the winners, who came up with some gnarly tracks.

Each of the artists went in a unique direction, and they all go crazy. Juelzzz, a firefighter by day and music producer by night went crazy with some crazy sound design to make some robot like glitches pop up in his track. Stitch goes hard on her track with some heavy hits and unique structure. Ahee‘s track rattled and flowed, getting more nuts with every sequence and drop. And Aussie youngin’ EXEMPLR gets it popping with the hits on a riddim track. Check them all out in the stream below. Enjoy!

Splice Ops EP