Such a sick beat! Check out Hip-Hop group Zion-I – Coastin’

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Alright so this track isn't necicarily new, but it's got a real chill vibe with bangin beat and everyone needed to hear it. So first off you have to listen to at least a minute of the song to get an idea of where it's going, so don't judge it early. It's done by the group Zion-I who are such a sick unique sounding rap group. It's got an interesting woman vocal intro and chorus done by K. Flay. Once the huuuge sick bassy beat drops the song really gets going. The beat almost has a MGMT feel but way more intense. The rapping is of course real sick. Well enjoy it  and please visit the ads if you get a chance.

Zion-I ft. K. Flay – Coastin

Coastin' (feat. K.Flay)

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