Greek Producer Aonian Adds a Magical Touch to Rushkeys & Lugovskiy’s “Equilibrium”


When three artists from different countries all team up on the same track, we expect a melting pot of sonic influences. and the latest remix of “Equilibrium” doesn’t disappoint. Rushkeys and Lugovskiy (hailing from Lithuania and Ukraine, respectively) created a cool, Eastern European deep house vibe for the track. On his new remix, Greek producer Aonian adds a Mediterranean flair that takes this track to another level.

The opening notes of hand pan instantly transport us to an exotic locale, evoking memories of a late-night adventure. Aonian retains all the lush magic of the original while also adding a bouncing synth line. This melody plays well with the song’s subtle drum line, adding dimension to the background. Extra reverb effects complete the song’s seductive ambiance.

Here’s what Aonian had to say about his remix:

Written during a solo trip back to my mother’s village in Greece, I kept driving around to test the mix while visiting places connected to childhood memories. This mood of nostalgia and homesickness aligned with the title Equilibrium perfectly – I felt a state of belonging but also alienation from these once familiar places.

You can listen to Aonian’s remix of “Equilibrium” below. Enjoy!

Rushkeys & Lugovskiy – Equilibrium (Aonian Remix)