SunSquabi Are At Their Best On Third Album ‘Arise’

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Livetronica three-piece, Sunsquabi, have etched a place into our hearts and playlists with their unique brand of electronic-driven jams. Their tracks get funky, their energy rocks out, and at the end of it all, we always feel fifty shades of wavy. We’ve been following the outfit’s latest album rollout, and today the roll comes to a head as SunSquabi releases their third studio album, Arise.

This latest project came about in more unusual circumstances than the previous two. A product of quarantine jams and live streams, the organic nature of this offering was previously uncharted territory for the group. Kevin Donohue and Josh Fairman of the group share their insights saying:

A couple of songs came together as jams in the basement or on live streams. We’d rework these improv-based ideas in the studio. It was an extended process. We definitely took advantage of the time. We’re very proud of the band staying true to the music and to each other. We came together during the Pandemic and made sacrifices together. We’ve bonded as a band. We don’t try to jump on any trends. We’re true to ourselves and make music we feel in our hearts.

SunSquabi has garnered a reputation for incredible live sets, so it makes sense that capturing that essence in an album would lead to some of their best work yet. Hear for yourself by streaming SunSquabi’s new album, Arise, below. Enjoy!

SunSquabi – Arise