SunSquabi & Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli Bring the Vibes on “Elephant Song”

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One of our favorite electronic-jam band crossover groups, SunSquabi, released a brand new song this past Friday. It’s titled “Elephant Song,” and features none other than Dominic Lalli of the beloved Colorado duo, Big Gigantic.

This track is a journey. It was originally created during a completely improvised jam session that took place via one of Sunsquabi’s pandemic live streams. It’s since been reworked in the studio for an official release. “Elephant Song” features awesome riffs, a catchy synth hook, and wonderful improvisational elements throughout its 6-minute duration.

Kevin Donohue, the guitarist of SunSquabi, expands further on what the track means to them as a band:

Elephant Song represents us sticking together and sharing the ability to write songs even though everything was shut down. It’s about realizing what you have and using your strength and the family around you, which is what Elephants do. It felt like it needed a lead voice, so it was natural to include Dom. Big Gigantic was a big influence for us to start SunSquabi. We’re integrating the electronic side of things into hip-hop, funk, and rock.

You can listen to the new SunSquabi song below, featuring the ineffable Dominic Lalli. Enjoy!

SunSquabi – Elephant Song (feat. Dominic Lalli)