Super Banger Electro+Rock Group Savoy from Boulder (4 Songs)


Savoy is a truly unique band performing a DJ set and a live set, when doing the DJ set the main two put on one of the sickest DJ sets Colorado has got to offer, when they perform a Live set the three members perform their music with drums synth and more in a live electronic rock show that is  monumental and they're from Boulder, Colorado.  First up is one of my favorite songs of theirs Automatic from their debut full length Automatic, wait till about 1:15 and turn up the speakers as this song is such a banger. After listening to this one through you can truly see why they have been gaining the attention they have in the past year.

Savoy – Automatic

06 Automatic.mp3

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Secondly is a extra bonus song from their older album that i'll be featuring later this week cause they are playing a show on friday at the Boulder Theatre. Wait till about 20 seconds in for the HUUGE bass.

BONUS Savoy – Get Some Action (Live Version)

12 Get Some Action.mp3

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Next up is a song off of their brand new 3 song February EP . This first one is called Rich and Famous and it is incredibly sick, reminds me of Automatic to be honest, and it also picks up around 1:15 and then truly bangs so turn up the speakers and bass.

Savoy – Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous

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Next is Savoy's pretty sick remix of David Guetta's "It's The Way You Love Me", it's starts off a little slow but give it some time. Wait till about 1:30 for a sick bass drop. Not much else to say about this track, enjoy!

David Guetta/Savoy – It's The Way You Love Me (Savoy RMX)

03 It's The Way You Love Me (Savoy RMX).mp3

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