Super Duper Drops His Radiant & Eclectic Debut Album ‘HALLELUJAH!’


Here’s an album that’s sure to have indie music fans rejoicing. HALLELUJAH! is the debut album from Nashville-based producer Super Duper. Coming in at a whopping 20 tracks, the album is expansive and multi faceted. Super Duper has joined artists like Kasbo and Petit Biscuit on tour, and his melodic and uplifting style is in a similar vein. From the varied rhythms and song structures, stirring vocals, and colorful melodies, Super Duper’s made a unique and enchanting album. 

The huge list of tracks contains a little bit of everything, ranging from rousing, upbeat tracks like “Pasadena” and “Be Right There,” to softer, emotional numbers like “Quiver” and “Pearls.” From top to bottom, the album is polished and flows beautifully. It’s fresh and modern indie-electronic that elicits a wide range of emotion within it’s sprawling soundscapes.

Super Duper shared some of his thoughts about the new project:

“HALLELUJAH! is a collection of songs with joy and optimism at their center. There are some introspective moments but the musical landscape was designed to keep your head up and above the clouds. The album is a soundtrack to look forward to better times ahead and fondly remember memories of the past.”

The album is out now on Fader Label, give it a listen in the stream below; there’s sure to be some gold in here for everyone. Enjoy!

Super Duper – HALLELUJAH!