Super Sick Heavy Songs: ediT of Glitch Mob ft Wale + 2 from Dubstep Icon Rusko


First up we've got a super sick heavy banger from edIT who's one of the three DJ's that make up The Glitch Mob who features the vocals of Wale and the Scratches of deceased DJ AM. This is such a sick track that absolutely bangs, so turn up the speakers for this one. By the way The Glitch Mob is the second headliner for this years Disco Inferno at the amazing Red Rocks. Be sure to hit that up as it's sure to be a great time. Well listen to this track all the way through as it bangs ultra hard around 2:30. You are gonna love it as it's a current favorite of mine.

Freaxxx Ft. Wale (Scratches by DJ AM) – edIT of The Glitch Mob

edIT – Freaxxx f. Wale (Scratches by DJ AM)

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The second up is a super sick heavy Dubstep banger. I've refrained from posting much any Dubstep as I wasn't sure if you guys would like it, it is a genre that is huge in boulder and is gaining a lot of attention in a lot of other places. Well this a perfect example of some sick Dubstep from one of the sickest Dubstep producers in the scene, Rusko. Look out for a full Rusko post in the next few days if I get a good response to this song. This is a very new banger out of Rusko who was living in the UK has now got a place in LA to endulge club scene there on the side. This track Woo Boost is sick and all those Dubstep fans are sure to enjoy. Well seriously let me know if you guys like this song and Dubstep in general, Enjoy

Rusko – Woo Boost

Rusko WooBoost

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Alright I just couldn't wait till the Rusko post to throw this one up it's called Da Cali Anthem and it is sooo sick, it's another Dubstep track from Rusko so if Dubstep isn't your thing it might not suit you, but at least give it a listen all the way through. Well it doesn't need anymore explanation, turn up the bass and enjoy as this is such a sick song!

Rusko – Da Cali Anthem

Da Cali Anthem

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