Denver Gives Event Company Superfly The Go-Ahead For 3-Day Festival In 2018

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We at TSIS have been keeping our ear to the ground ever since Superfly (the promotional company behind Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and Coachella) expressed interest in planning a multi-million dollar festival in Denver. After making headway back in April, we haven’t heard much about the progress of the project until today. On Monday night (July 31) Superfly Productions received official city approval to begin it’s launch of a massive 3-day festival, not at Red Rocks, but at Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course.

After facing months of community concerns, Denver’s City Council voted 10-3 in approving a five-year agreement with Superfly. The contract gives the promotional company control of the Oakland Park course for up to five weeks after Labor Day each year, starting in 2018. Although Superfly will pay a $200,000 lease for the event space, the city will receive a great deal of revenue from seat tax, as well as golf and community funds. City officials are currently projecting that the city’s festival profit will be around $2 million, depending on attendance growth. 

The festival itself will most likely be held during the second or third weekend of September each year, beginning in 2018. While this contract marks only the beginning of project development, we’re excited to see what Superfly has in store for our local golf course. Enjoy!