Synymata & VARI Team Up on Powerful New Single “Guilty” with Elle Vee


Next up, we have bass producers Synymata and VARI, teaming up with popular EDM vocalist Elle Vee for their new single, “Guilty.” The single dropped this past weekend on Night Mode Records, and it’s a dynamic musical masterpiece. And we have to say – the trio really went in on this one.  

“Guilty” begins with a slow crawl, where Elle’s sassy and distorted vocals take hold as she sings and struggles with her conscience. The percussion kicks in and takes things up a notch before a thunderous drop. There’s also a chill ambient break towards the end of the song, taking listeners on a ride through the tumultuous and complex emotions in the track. 

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Synymata & VARI – “Guilty” (feat. Elle Vee)