T. Harding & Ancona Create a Lush Sonic Journey on “trainbeat.wav”


You know that moment when you’re staring out the window of a train, feeling like the main character of a movie? Two rising artists from London have crafted the ideal soundtrack just for that. Created on one such train journey, T. Harding and Ancona‘s new collab track, the aptly titled “trainbeat.wav,” perfectly captures this scene.

Composed within one journey from Manchester to London, “trainbeat.wav” embraces its roughly polished nature. Given that the producers set themselves the goal of finishing the track within that same journey, they don’t overcomplicate “trainbeat.wav” with unnecessary frills, letting their instrumentation speak for itself. The main focus of the track is its lofi melody, with a minimalist beat floating along it, balanced by a groovy bass. On top of this are the lush synth inflections that make the track feel complete.

You can check out this laidback, vibey track below, enjoy!

T. Harding & Ancona – trainbeat.wave