T.I. Punched One of The Chainsmokers In The Face, But They’re Okay With It

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The Chainsmokers have been involved with some wild headlines recently. Another head-spinning story regarding the electro-pop duo has surfaced after they posted a video to TikTok, describing an altercation with famed Atlanta rapper T.I. 

In the video, Drew Taggart starts off the story by saying, “When meeting T.I. goes wrong,” as his other half, Alex Pall laughs in the background. “T.I. just literally punched me in the face,” he continues. “First of all, T.I. is fully in the right here. I was feeling the vibes way too hard, and I kissed T.I. on the cheek. And he punched me in the face for it. It’s fully fine.”

It’s clear that the duo was not offended by T.I.’s reaction to an unsolicited kiss on the cheek. After The Chainsmokers posted the video, T.I. shared his own video in response, laughing at it as well. He also invited them to come onto his podcast, ExpediTIously, to chop it up.

You can check out the video that The Chainsmokers originally posted below, as well as T.I.’s response. Enjoy!

@thechainsmokersMy bad T.I. won’t happen again… unless?♬ original sound – The Chainsmokers