Ta-Ku Offers Incredible Remix Of George Maple’s “Talk Talk”


George Maple has continued to pop up on our radar through her originals and now as incredible remixes of her breakout single "Talk Talk" have surfaced.

Renowned Australian beatmaker Ta-Ku is typically very clever with his way of reimagining songs and his latest track is no exception.  Ta-Ku’s rendition of “Talk Talk” gives the track a completely different feel as he slows the tempo down and puts interesting effects on the vocals that change throughout the song. The track starts out slow until his irresistible percussion comes in around the one minute mark and the beat evolves to gain more energy up to the end. Ta-ku surprisingly offers his own vocals on part of this song (and they sound great) as he states in the song description "Remixed the homegirl… I even sung a verse.” Enjoy!