Ta-ku Shares First ‘Drive Slow, Homie’ Mix in 5 Years


Ta-ku‘s Drive Slow, Homie mixes were a staple in the electronic beat scene back in the day. Today, they are few and far between, but that’s all the reason more to appreciate a new one. Today Ta-ku unveiled Drive Slow, Homie Pt. 6, the first mix since Pt. 5 in 2018.

In his own words, Ta-ku says Drive Slow, Homie Pt. 6 starts off with the “head nodders, ramping up to some ethereal liquid and dropping you off with some low-slung lullabies.”

This mix is different than any other from the series thus far for one huge reason: the visual aspect. Ta-ku mounted a 360-degree camera on the hood of a car so you can actually cruise and look around a nighttime drive through a busy city. You can click around the video to get different views of where the driver is headed, giving you the full “Drive Slow” experience.

You can listen to the mix below. Enjoy!

Ta-ku – Drive Slow, Homie Pt. 6

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