Ta-ku Unveils Masterful, Collaboration-Heavy Album ‘Songs To Come Home To’

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Ta-ku was one of Australia’s most pivotal and influential producers of the 2010s, single handedly changing the game for creative beatmakers. After taking a long hiatus from music, Ta-ku returned to the spotlight releasing his coveted Drive Slow Homie mix that came out earlier this year. Today, he’s finally ready to unveil his long-awaited album Songs To Come Home To, out now via Future Classic.

It’s hard to understate the significance of Ta-ku’s new album as it serves as a type of timeline for his progression as an artist over the years. Longtime fans will remember his previous projects, Songs To Break Up To and Songs To Make Up To, understanding that Songs To Come Home To acts as the closing installment to the beloved series.

The whopping 20-track project encapsulates the universal journey of growing through life, the complexities and beauty of it all. There’s a sense of nostalgia throughout the album while also still somehow a fresh and new sound present. Songs To Come Home To is rich with features from artists and producers of all backgrounds. Among the features include Thrupence, Rum Gold, Xavier Omär, Questlove, Jay Prince, JMSN, Sango, PANAMA, Touch Sensitive, Young Franco, Cabu, and more.

Here’s what Ta-ku had to say about the album,

“This debut album is a celebration. A full-circle moment. An opportunity for me to express myself in the most complete way as an artist. A culmination of my musical & visual journey over the last decade. A homecoming and arrival to a place of calm and contentment. Featuring some of today’s most exciting new artists, as well as returning collaborators, all of whom I deeply admire, this marks my most ambitious project to date. This project is less about me & more about… us. A tribute to all those who make us who we are today. For the listeners, it’s a warm welcome and an invitation to reflect on their own journeys too.”

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Ta-ku – Songs To Come Home To