Tails Creates Magic Through Minimalism on New Tune “is that ok?” With Benji Lewis

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Landing on San Holo‘s acclaimed imprint, bitbird, innovative producer, Tails, has proven his production and songwriting prowess time and time again. Every new track from the rising artist brings something unique to the table, his new single being no exception. Teaming up with vocalist, Benji Lewis, the producer presents “is that okay?,”  a deeply impressive collaboration.

Summing up “is that ok?” into one sentence, this track is a minimalistic symphony of meaningful moments and thoughtful production. Throughout the whole journey, Benji’s voice holds strong, presenting themes of love and desire in a delicate, vulnerable manner. Tails’s production truly shines on this track, with percussive guitar plucks, and subtle synth touches. The producer isn’t trying to show off. Rather, he gives the song what it asks for, and ends with a result that is truly magical.

Benji commented on the meaning behind his lyrics, saying:

It’s about remembering, thinking over and over again about this person you had something really special with. In a way I’m telling them that I’m still feeling this way after some time has passed, hoping that it’s ok with them as we did continue trying to be friends after things ended. Feelings and attachment can be crazy, some don’t ever go away I’m finding.

You can stream “is that ok?” at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

Tails, Benji Lewis – is that ok?