Talented Rapper Lil Seyi Reflects on Being a Black Man in America on “Leather Free Seats”

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Renowned taste-making label Kitsune Musique‘s mission is to find up-and-coming artists. They definitely uncovered a gem when they signed Lil Seyi, who shines on his latest single “Leather Free Seats.”

At first, what stands out about this track is the excellent production, which is an addictive dancehall-inspired beat. Rapping over funky synth and a female chorus of vocals, Lil Seyi delivers a certified bop. However, the second you start to listen to the lyrics, a deeper story is revealed.

Switching up his flow every other verse, Lil Seyi muses about the injustice of being a Black man in America and feeling ignored by society. Ironically, the vibey, upbeat production of the track distracting from the deeper meaning behind the lyrics perfectly underlines this point. An Obama sample talking about how no black man can escape racist experiences, not even himself, further emphasizes his message.

A heavenly outro, with a halo of violins straight from Frank Ocean’s playbook, is interspersed with painful, raw vocal clips from news reports about police brutality, heightening the emotion of the track. “It should have been me,” Lil Seyi muses, simultaneously evoking emotions of numbness and anguish. As the song fades out, it immediately demands another listen.

Although Lil Seyi has been dropping music since 2020, we think his musical journey is just starting. “Leather Free Seats” is just one of the tracks from his forthcoming EP A Blue Tesla Story. Until that drops July 1, make sure to check out this single using the link below. Enjoy!

Lil Seyi – Leather Free Seats