Tarik – T.R.I.G.S. : New Chill Hip Hip Mixtape


Today we are proud to bring you the newest album by rapper Tarik. I've been looking forwards to this mixtape to come out since Weatherman was released at the end of August. It's decant combination of classic sampling and a sick bass and drum line. Tarik's flows go well over the beat and you can't help but chuckle at the many clever lines and punches that this song and album are full of. While we've been waiting he's delivered the song/video Weatherman and he also put out a video for the song Dead Presidents, which samples the classic Jay-Z track. The rapper shows promising growth with tracks like Everything I am and Talk To Me. Other songs come off a little braggy. Another thing that I noticed is that he features a lot of Producers but no other rappers. It's fine but usually I like hearing some diversity in the lyricists if I'm going to listen to an entire mixtape. All in all it's a pretty solid Hip-Hop record by a definite up and comer. Check out the tracks below and download the whole mixtape below.

Tarik – T.R.I.G.S. Entire Album | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Tarik – Talk To Me


Tarik – Everything I Am