Tash Sultana’s Final Album Single Will Have You Feeling “Sweet & Dandy”


We’ve been following this album rollout religiously. Almost one year ago, Australian super star, Tash Sultana, made huge waves in the music world announcing a new album, Terra Firma, with the release of its inaugural single, “Pretty Lady.” Tash kept us captivated releasing several more singles throughout the uncertain times of 2020, and today the multi-instrumentalist unveils the final single titled, “Sweet & Dandy.”

No one makes music like Tash. Their ear for densely layered orchestration culminates in this transcendent, slightly psychedelic new track that reminds listeners that You are enough, to live in the present moment away from negative distractions. As Tash demonstrates their famously proficient guitar ability in the intro, the instrumentation quickly grows to include increasingly intoxicating layers of angelic chimes, organic samples, rich horns, fleeting harps, and much more. I highly recommend listening in your car or some headphones, this dream inducing tune will fully engulf you in all the right ways.

Terra Firma releases in full on February 19. Needless to say, check back here for our write up of the long awaited album. Until then, stream Tash Sultana’s final single, “Sweet & Dandy” below. Enjoy!

Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy