Tash Sultana Begins A New Chapter With Exceptional New Album, ‘Terra Firma’

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I’ve had this date saved in my phone for months. After almost a full year of rolling out singles like the mesmeric, “Beyond The Pine,” and the funk laced, “Willow Tree,” Tash Sultana has finally delivered their highly anticipated album, Terra Firma, in full, and the final product is nothing short of stunning.

The Australian sensation made it known when first announcing the album that this new venture would be unlike anything they’ve done before. Tash Sultana initially became a household name as a formidable loop artist and an awe-inspiring multi-instrumentalist, but their new found career experience, innate talent, and fierce passion for music lead them on a deep new exploration for this latest project. All it takes is the opening track, “Musk,” to hear that Sultana has undoubtedly matured as composer, evolving from mere looping to full on orchestrating. As the record plays out, that boosted compositional talent and diversity works hand in hand with disarmingly honest message-driven song writing.

There’s something for everyone in this new collection. Tracks like “Greed” and “Vanilla Honey” draw on a more soulful sound, while “Dream My Life Away” and “Crop Circles” lean into a lithe organic energy. Maybe the heavily grounded track, “Coma,” or the lifted vibe, “Blame It On Society,” is more your jam. Regardless of any prior preferences, there’s one thing we can all agree on — Tash Sultana’s Terra Firma is a masterful piece of art that bends sound and genre to her will and gives us an unfettered look into her soul. Stream the incredible new album below. Enjoy!

PS- A recommended message from Tash in a recent Instagram post:

“before you begin, I have one request, for the very first time you hear this record I would like you to take yourself to a quiet space, turn off the lights, light a candle and light some incense – this was the intended listening experience of TERRA FIRMA. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope you can see who I am”

Tash Sultana – Terra Firma