Tayyib Ali – Eighteen: Real Sick Exclusive Hip-Hop Mixtape

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So today I've got the newest mixtape from one of my favorite up and comers Tayyib Ali, and this really sounds more like an album. It's called 'Eighteen' due to the fact that the young rapper is only eighteen as well the fact that there's eighteen songs on the mixtape. I'm very happy to let you know that Thissongissick is the sole sponsor of this mixtape. and I wouldn't have slapped the logo on anything. Very happy to have been able to help out with Tayyib as I think he's got some real talent. You guys have already loved of a few of the tracks off this mixtape including Kid Again, Soundcheck, The Right Time, and I Ain't Scared. Those were all very sick tracks, and the whole mixtape follows with same level of quality. I've picked a few of my favorite tracks that I haven't posted yet, but it was so hard to pick because it's so good, and it was even harder to ★ some of them, and listen through 'Till The Night Falls' for the first Thissongissick shoutout. Download the entire thing though, you'll be glad you did. Turn it up, party, chill out, enjoy this sick new mixtape!

Download the Entire Eighteen Mixtape Here

That Day (prod. by B-Free) – Tayyib Ali | Download

★ What My Father Told Me – Tayyib Ali | Download

★ Till The Night Falls – Tayyib Ali | Download

★ Get High – Tayyib Ali | Download

Cold World – Tayyib Ali | Download

Stop and Stare – Tayyib Ali | Download

★ Desire Want Need (Big Sean Hook) – Tayyib Ali | Download

Superman – Tayyib Ali | Download

Get Your Hands  - Tayyib Ali | Download

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