Tayyib Ali – Pretty Little Penthouse (Produced by Brenton Duvall) : Sick Electronic Penthouse Minutes Remix


Today I've got a pretty sick song, and the first remix to one of my favorite up and coming artists, Tayyib Ali. I sponsored his Eighteen mixtape which has been a big success, and am going to be sponsoring his upcoming mixtape due out later this year, first single dropping a few weeks. Today I've got a sick remix to his track Penthouse Minutes produced by Brenton Duvall who brought you Mean Planes and Taylor Gangs and Lights!. The song has that unique brenton duvall sound, but a little weirder. This remix works good and goes perfect with Tayyib's vocals, but honestly I thought it was missing a little something and a little short, regardless of it being straight bars, could have been a full on classic. Still sick, just thought it could have used the chorus from Penthouse Minutes. Check it out and enjoy!

Pretty Little Penthouse (Produced by Brenton Duvall) – Tayyib Ali | Download

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