Tchami Is Teasing A Deep New Track With ZHU

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Tchami and ZHU are finally coming together on a track. After playing multiple B2B sets with each other over the past couple of years (Holy Ship, HARD Summer) it appears the newfound friends have a collaboration in the works.

Tchami recently launched a new series called Confession Interviews, were the soft-spoken artist interviews artistic friends of his. The first episode starts with a song that we’ve never heard before, introducing itself with airy, tension-building melodies.

You can then clearly hear ZHU’s signature vocals singing “Are you afraid to live? / Are you afraid to give?” The track then builds up with a repeating “Just put it / all on me.” Unfortunately, that’s about all we get, but the fact that Tchami is willing to open up his new series with the track means it’s going to be big.

This is all we have of the forthcoming collaboration between the two, but if ZHU’s recent Instagram post about “new songs this month” holds up, we may be getting it sooner rather than later.

Check out the video of Tchami teasing the track below. It occurs during the first 50 seconds of the video, and also the last 10 seconds.