Techno Producer Beth Lydi Shines on Immaculate Debut LP ‘This Is Love’

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Norwegian producer Beth Lydi has been making a name for herself in the rave scene for a while now, but she’s never released an album until now. This Is Love perfectly encapsulates her style of chunky, hard-hitting techno, but also sees her display her versatility.

Lydi flexes the full range of her talents throughout all five tracks on the album. She sets the mood on “Voceder Knows,” a straightforward techno track with a tasty synth line at the end. The title track, “This Is Love,” is more rave-focused with its industrial sound and acid lines.

On her Instagram page, Lydi called “Spades:”

One of my favourite tunes, maybe ever. I feel in its quietness it has so much power, like the ocean. Or like the ace of spades. The baseline hits me right in my gut every time I play it. Kind of a forceful understatement, there is no schnick or schnack, just groove and bass.

Activate That” maintains the fun vibe Lydi establishes with a cheeky vocal stem. Finally, the closing track “Soft Solstice” sends us out on a high with its fun interstellar effects.

You can check out the full album, out via Desert Heart Records, using the link below. Enjoy!

Beth Lydi – This is Love