Rising Indie Electronic Duo Tender Share Must-Hear Debut Album ‘Modern Addiction’


UK-based Tender has been on a hot streak of singles since the first time they popped up on our radar and have unleashed their debut album Modern Addiction. The talented indie-electronic due showcase their infectious sound on the LP and it’ll surely be on high rotation for us.  

Tender have a knack for crafting dreamy, somber songs that are somehow uplifting at the same time. Most of their songs inevitably get stuck in your head for hours. Their hybrid sound pairs airy, glossy vocals with their impressive, synth-heavy productions capturing a moody aesthetic with each track evolving throughout combining live instrumentation with electronic production evoking an atmospheric vibe. The dreamy project is relaxing from start to finish, but maintains a dance-driven edge that makes this project perfect for any type of listening situation. Enjoy!

Tender – Modern Addiction | Purchase