TENDER Release Lush, Late-Night Flavored EP, ‘Side B’


UK indie electronic duo, TENDER, have found success with their combination of lush r&b, guitar-laden electronica, and late-night flavors. After being separated geographically and starting families during the chaos of the pandemic, both James and Dan set out to release new work with fresh ideas and a new approach to music-making. Their latest endeavor comes by way of their Side B EP, which serves as a stepping stone towards their forthcoming third studio album.

While the approach may be slightly different, the overall sound remains superbly similar. The 5-track EP explores the theme of overviewing consumption and obsessive behavior, something many can relate to post-pandemic. Velvety vocals float lightly atop spacious, electronic-tinged productions for what sounds like the perfect accompaniment to any late-night soiree.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!