Watch Tennyson’s Incredible Performance Of “Uh Oh!” With Live Band & String Quartet


We’ve always been in awe with what Tennyson are able to accomplish musically. The brother-sister duo’s style of music and performance is something we simply haven’t heard anywhere else, and they’re execution is always spot on. If you’ve never heard of these OWSLA artsts before, imagine bubbly, video game music performed live, right in front of you, with some of the cleanest, out-of-the-box sampling you’ve ever heard. Words don’t do their pure musical skill justice, however.

Earlier today, Tennyson shared a video that takes their sound to the next level. In addition to the original two doing what they do best, Tennyson are joined by a live band and a string quartet. The video of them performing “Uh Oh!” is mesmerizing, as you see Luke go between playing the piano, xylophone, and keyboard all the while triggering different samples from a launchpad. Tess masterfully navigates two different drum kits, laying down amazingly complex drum patterns, with an infectious grin on her face.

What’s so great about the video is not only the beautiful performance, but also just the way everyone who is participating seems so happy to be a part of it. It’s easy to see Tennyson love doing what they do, and the musicians who were able to join them for this video share that same joy. Check out the video of the live performance of “Uh Oh!” at Valentine Studios in L.A. below and enjoy!

Tennyson – Uh Oh! (Live Band + String Quartet)