Getter Reappears As Terror Reid For Funky West-Coast Hip-Hop Track “Buried Alive” Ft. Eliozie

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Getter’s west coast hip-hop project Terror Reid is just getting better and better. What once seemed like a fun little passion project now seems to have the potential to be a serious endeavor for Getter.

He recently dropped a new Terror Reid track called “Buried Alive” (featuring Eliozie), and it’s accompanied by a super dope video like the rest of his tracks. The tune features what is becoming a signature, funky, Terror Reid bass line that is reminiscent of the classic g-funk sound. He and Eliozie have great chemistry on the track, trading verses back and forth effortlessly.

Based on the video, it looks like Getter is investing even more time and energy into the Terror Reid project, and we are fully onboard. We’re continuously surprised by the wide array of Getter’s talents, and he’s proven by now that he has the chops to make it in the rap game.

Check out the new video below and enjoy!

Terror Reid – Buried Alive (feat. Eliozie)