[TSIS Debut] Tessellated Blends Reggae, Hip-Hop And Electronic Influences On “Streets”

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Today we’re happy to be introducing a new face to the site. We came across Tessellated’s new track “Streets” and have been bumping it all week. 

The 19-year-old artist was raised in Jamaica and lives in Orlando. Over email he gave us more insight on the project saying "the 'Tessellated' project started off as strictly instrumental and electronic about 2 years ago but now I'm aiming for a more organic style of music, trying to blend the reggae & dancehall that I grew up on with the jazz, funk and electronic influences that I grew to love later on and adding my own vocals to tie them all together." 

On “Streets” we hear a unique hybrid sound blending a bouncing guitar melodies and vocals carrying a reggae sound while a horn breakdown, hip-hop percussion and a touch of electronic production ties everything together. Funky synthesized vocals give the track an irresistible sound that will be stuck in your head all day. In addition, we've included a couple more songs "I learnt some jazz today" and "talk to me" we feel you'll like as well. Enjoy!

Tesssellated – Streets | Stream Only

Tessellated – I learnt some jazz today | Stream Only

Tessellated – talk to me | Stream Only