The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down (Gramatik 2012 Remix) : Classic Song Gets 2012 Electro Hip-Hop Reworking


The Beatles are always a hard group to remix, on account of how influential and great their music was and still is. Well today I've got a fresh funky remix from Gramatik that does The Beatles justice, taking one of my favorites "Don't Let Me Down", and flipping it into a slow tempo electro hip-hop BANGER. Gramatik gives it some of bass bass fueled groovey vibe he does so well. The fusion of live instrument. Gramatik started this track in 2006, and decided to revamp it and drops it to the masses. Enough talking, turn it up, enjoy!

The Beatles – Don't Let Me Down (Gramatik 2012 Remix) | Direct Download

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