The Craziest Things People Saw at Electric Forest 2022


Almost everyone who attends a camping music festival is bound to come home with at least one crazy story. When you’re stuck in a place outside of normal civilization, partying for days and days, you’re bound to see something you probably haven’t before. Electric Forest is one of those festivals where the party never stops. There’s something about it that really allows people to let their inhibitions loose, for better or for worse.

Over at Electric Forest’s subreddit, following the festival’s conclusion, someone started a thread asking the folks who attended what their wildest story was during the weekend. With over a hundred comments, there was a lot to share. Many of these stories were hilarious, and some of them were super sweet. Then others were a bit embarrassing, and unfortunately, quite a few were just downright scary. However, these are some of the truest outcomes of taking drugs and partying too hard. It can go good, it can go bad, and it can get ugly if taken too far.

Below you can check out some of the craziest things that people saw at Electric Forest this year.

I Spent about 10 minutes trying to get out of the way for this person near the observatory I think it was. She was just standing super still and it was kind of weird. Finally gathered the courage to turn around and Look her in the eye. It was a mannequin lol.  —u/GiantGuitarBlade

Found a frog wandering around in the forest and saved him. He definitely would’ve been trampled if we didn’t happen to see him. Kinda cool —u/jkernan7553

A ziplock bag full of human turds in the GL showers… I will never be the same. —u/LoomingMoon

Saw a guy get tackled by three security people and they held him down. One of the security guys kept yelling, “I’ll choke you out! I’ll choke you out!” until the other security told him to back up and calm down. He was held down for a while and they eventually just ended up standing around him. Seemed like they were waiting for someone. But the dude that got tackled was vaping while he was down on his stomach and they were standing around him lol —u/geminiMorning

Some dude came up to me in Group Camping with a ripped up shirt and blood all over telling me how someone is impersonating him, stole his ticket off his wrist and so he’s trying to get the word out to everyone that he was the real Neil whoever (?). Absolutely bizarre interaction —u/casualrave

Someone else showed up in the thread and recognized the guy from their group camping area.

Bruhhhh this dude was in our group camp and was being weird af all weekend. “I know string cheese and they’re gonna know me” would ramble off some other crazy shit then disappear for a few hours. Kept saying he was gonna own the festival or he owned it already. Lowkey would kill the vibe every time he came back. By Saturday a few people in our camp had a talk w him and he calmed down some. He came back to our camp that morning and we had to tell him to leave bc troopers were looking for him and we wanted nothing to do with it. —u/DBFTD

My favorite thing happened while swinging in a hammock Sunday night after Big Gigantic, watching the crowd trickle out of Sherwood. Out of nowhere this dude in banana print shirt and shorts comes sprinting down the path with a giant inflatable banana, chased by someone in a monkey onesie. The monkey catches him and takes off with the giant banana, disappearing into the woods.

One of the best bits of the weekend.


This guy was by soundboard for Mersiv and he threw up right before the set and then took off all his clothes and just leaned against the railing casually talking to people not acknowledging he was naked. At one point I looked and he was gone but then he came back still naked and finally put his shirt on. Was quite a sight —u/TheBiggRed

I was standing at the Drink Me bar near the observatory on Sunday night and a guy came up with a bag the size of my torso full of joints and said I could have as many as I want. I took a cup from the bar and filled and [I] spent all Sunday night handing out free joints! —sylvae_11

Some guy on a lot of mushrooms jumped up on stage during Super Tall Paul at the library I think on Friday night. It was pure chaos for a few minutes and I couldn’t tell if it was part of the show or not 😂 they eventually got them kicked off but I was SO impressed that Paul and the other girl on stage never broke character during the whole thing. I was there for about an hour total and was crying laughing at times 🤣 —u/gantelope21

This isn’t crazy or anything, but loved it. Was having a shitty day Sunday, so went back to my groups RV early. Was sitting outside getting ready for bed. This group of five guys was over at the trash cans and started playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes via their cell phones to have a funeral for their totem. 😂😂😂 they passed around a beer to enjoy together and then tossed it into the trash pile. It was just perfect to lift me up, and for them to share that moment together. Bahahahah I had no voice to tell them how beautiful it was, but I tried!! —Dsmiffington

A woman huffing 2 cans of air duster…. at the same time. —u/sarahppancake

I saw a girl sitting on a guy’s face at Sherwood Court! I was trying to find a path to my friends and saw a big gap in the crowd I got there and was like Oh that’s why no one is here. It was like 5pm. —u/Independent_Sky3170

So my group and I are walking in and as we pass Tripoli I swear I see someone getting a good old fashion mouth hug right out in the open so I tell my friends, I’m pretty sure I just saw a guy getting a bj right out in the open.. Naw bro, you’re seeing things.. No man, I bet you $10 that’s what I saw.. Having to settle the bet, naturally we turn back to have a gander.. homegirl is on her knees going to town on homie.. “See I told you” I proudly proclaim but as we got a bit closer we see that he had a bag of box wine under his shirt with the spout coming out of his zipper! Cheers to you my friend, screw slapping the bag, I’m using this guy’s genius method lol —u/cchordTrapLord

a man was naked and losing his mind on the last night around 3 am on mainstreet, ass naked, yelling about snowboards and said he was gonna kill someone. Medics came & he kept rolling around on the ground and trying to get away from them. Hopefully he’s okay, we walked away before we saw him get taken away by anyone. —u/sommeronfire

There was a group of girls at dom dolla doing stretches that turned into ridiculous dance moves and they had the absolute best energy ever I was crying laughing, it all brought me so much joy and they had a whistle like terry cruz did in the movie white chicks. Absolutely loved them, wasn’t crazy like some of the other things people are sayin but I wish I was friends with them lol —u/howdyimpapa