The Evolution Of Getter: From Riddim Beginnings To ‘Visceral’ & Everything Between

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Tanner Petulla, better known as Getter has had an absolutely wild ride as an artist. Having originally started out in the world of riddim, his journey through dubstep, trap, future bass, house, hip-hop/rap, metal and beyond has been paved with fandom, opposition, controversy, but above all else, incredible perseverance. Today we are conflicted – although we’re extremely excited about the upcoming release of Getter’s new album Visceral, it will also mark his self-announced departure from EDM, so we’re celebrating Getter’s 7+ year journey as an artist today with The Evolution Of Getter.

Early Beginnings (2011)

Back when Skrillex was bringing dubstep to unlikely audiences and David Guetta dominated the dance music charts with vocal heavy house, Getter was on some other sh*t entirely. Slowly on the rise with fellow riddim producers Point.Blank, Sluggo and F3tch around the time that names like Eptic, Trampa, Liquid Stranger and more were emerging, Getter first began to make a name for himself via numerous compilation singles on labels like Tuff Love Dubs and Ultragore, ultimately going on to drop his first two Extermination and Gruesome EP’s on Ultragore Records.

Cybertron Disco” and “Obliterate” both perfectly exemplify Getter’s riddim roots.

Rise to Prominence (2012 – 2014)

Around 2012 – 2014 is when Getter really began to blow up in the dubstep scene. After saving up enough to move to LA, 19-year-old Petulla began jumping between labels BroTown and Rottun Recordings to drop his Epidemic, Psycho and Swine EP’s. Getter went on to join heavy hitters like AFK, Excision, MUST DIE!, Protohype and ETC!ETC! on Datsik’s Firepower Records. This is when we see Getter’s streak really start to pick up with the release of his next two EP’s, Smasher and Thriller, as well as his first full length album I Want More and his compilation project Trenchlords.

“A ‘Trenchlord’ is someone who I think makes fuckin’ dope music that I collaborate with and recruit to the trench project. Basically a smaller community full of quality artists I like and can collaborate the way we want to.” – Getter (via a 2014 Your EDM interview)

A cosign and tour placement from Datsik helped open the door for Getter to be picked up on remix packages for Barely Alive, Destroid, Borgore and more.

Going Viral (2015 – 2016)

Not even a year later, we see Getter start to gain some serious traction. In 2015 shortly after Getter and Nick Colletti become IRL friends and “Head Splitter” is picked up by OWSLA, the now LA-based producer quickly achieved viral status courtesy of the infamous “suh dude” vines (and later the song). In the fall in 2015 though, Getter shared something that seemed completely out of left field to many of his fans – Getter Presents: Planet Neutral. Dedicated to his friend Johnnie Greenback who had recently passed, this 9-track, chill-album not only helped show that Getter wasn’t afraid to branch out, but that he was and is a much more powerful producer than some had been giving him credit for.

*If you haven’t checked out Planet Neutral it’s definitely worth a listen, especially since Getter has alluded to the fact that his forthcoming album Visceral is a continuation of that project.*

After a few more remixes on Firepower Records (plus one for Mad Decent) Getter signed with OWSLA on remixes for Carmada, Valentino Khan and Snails x Herobust and a huge collaboration with Ghastly before reaching the next full evolution of his sound with the release of his Radical Dude! EP. From there Getter went on to release a second project toward the end of 2016, yet again furthering his recently solidified bit crushy, dynamic sound on his Wat The Frick EP.

Collabs with Ookay and Borgore were a few other key tracks to come out around Getters 2015-16 rise.

Shred Collective, Terror Reid and Departing from EDM (2017 – Present)

At the beginning of 2017 Getter’s career reached the highest point of its trajectory thus far, to which he responded by following in the footsteps of his predecessors in creating his own label – Shred Collective.

Although the collective’s main function is to release music, Getter has stated numerous times (including in this video where he breaks down the new label) that the collective is centered around a community of his closest friends. The philosophy of Shred Collective is, in simple terms, to equally fund all artists ambitions within the Shred community.

“Would you rather have a million dollars and broke friends, or have all your homies have $100,000?” – Getter

A few things happened around the time of the collective’s inception: Getter shared another track, “Inhalant Abuse” that has since become one of his biggest releases to date, embarked on a mini series titled “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” and launched an incredible new rap hip-hop/alias, Terror Reid (which we've definitely had on repeat since its inception).

Although at first Getter feigned ignorance concerning the new project, saying that he had no idea who Terror Reid was or that he blacks out and when he comes to he finds out Terror Reid “stole his hip-hop beats”, Petulla has since embraced the project as part of his catalog. Characterized by hard-hitting, old school hip-hop beats akin to the early 90's era of Public Enemy, Wu Tang and Cypress Hill, Terror Reid has slowly taken on a life of its own and has even started to be booked alongside Getter at some major festivals.

Terror Reid's first two releases, "Uppercuts & "Who Dat?" remain the most streamed singles released via the project.

Understandably, not everyone was an immediate fan of Terror Reid, and soon after dropping a few more singles as both Getter and TR, in response to harsh criticism from a fan, the Petulla took to twitter to announce he would be moving on from the industry in which he had spent most of his career. 

im leaving the edm industry very soon. can only deal with so much 👋🏼

— VISCERAL (@GetterOfficial) April 15, 2017

i'm leaving.
ill make my way to the next one. i'm not done w music. its my life
i've just never been so happy and depressed at the same time

— VISCERAL (@GetterOfficial) May 8, 2017

you can say whatever u want. i found myself again and i love you all!!!!

— VISCERAL (@GetterOfficial) October 23, 2017

Around this time Getter also began to yet again branch out with his sound, dropping a three-track EP, Dahlia I and heavy trap single “Bury Me” with Florida/LA transplant rapper Ghostmane, as well as metal/trap/rap fusion track “Colorblind”.

Solo perfectly exemplifies Getter’s recent transition away from a defined genre.

We can’t say for sure what the future will hold for Petulla. With the release of his latest track “Made For You (Alone Again)” and having recently shared the full tracklist for the 12-track album, Visceral (set for release on deadmau5' label) - while excited about the new mau5trap partnership, Getter has been firm in stating that his Shred Collective label will continue to live on. Additionally, although Getter has continued to confirm his imminent departure from EDM since the initial announcement was made at the beginning of 2017, this hasn’t stopped him from teasing the seemingly ridiculous amount of music he still has in the works, hopefully some of which will see the light of day in the near future.

2017 watch out for
2 new getter EPs
metal album
rap album
funny videos
sample packs
preset packs
remix kits
& wayyyyy more shit

— VISCERAL (@GetterOfficial) February 6, 2017

2 getter EPs. 2 getter albums. terror album coming soon

— VISCERAL (@GetterOfficial) August 9, 2017

Regardless of where Getter stops next in his career, whether it’s metal, rap, fashion, art, memes, film or whatever, there’s no doubt that it’ll be weird, funny and awesome. Enjoy!

Photo credit - @thisisflik