The Five Creative Sides Of Ta-Ku: Music, Photography, Fashion & More


If you have been reading TSIS, chances are you’re familiar with Ta-Ku, who is a favorite artist of ours. While we’re big fans of his music, his artistic talent and vision go far beyond his musical works. The all-around creative individual has expanded his repertoire to include a wide variety of projects in various different fields ranging from photography, to fashion, to barbershops and more as he's explained to us "My other passions have helped me relax and create work for me and for my own personal progression. Its quite fulfilling."

Music: What Ta-Ku is best-known for

Ta-Ku's amazing production abilities have impressed us for years. We've enjoyed everything from his early works making J Dilla-inspired hip-hop beats to his on-point electronic remixes to his full-length genre-blending projects including his Songs To Break Up To and Songs To Make Up To projects that gained him many fans. He's constantly innovating and keeping his sound fresh with everything he releases.

George Maple – Talk (Ta-Ku Remix) | Stream Only

Ta-Ku – I Miss You | Stream Only

Ta-Ku – We Were In Love | Stream Only

Photography: At times when his beat making slowed down

At times when he wasn't making as much music, Ta-Ku began picking up photography. This hobby quickly became a strong passion that he put a lot of time and energy into, and he’s grown to become a respected influencer in the field. His photo curations have landed him past campaigns for various brands including Olympus, G-Star RAW, Puma, ASICS and VSCO among others. Additionally he was chosen as one of Sony’s three Australian brand ambassadors representing the company. He’s even been doing a collaborative photography book series called NO.SLEEP alongside Repeat Pattern, where they photograph cities over the course of a 24-hour period and publish the photo collections as as books highlighting the city's lifecycle. 

Visual Agency: Bringing musicians and videographers together 

He’s built on his growth in the photography field to launch a platform called Create + Explore for musicians and videographers to work together. He felt as though rising videographers needed a place to be able to link up with music producers to create content, so he launched this sort of visual agency that gives these creative individuals a place to collaborate. The focus is to create audio-visual content while traveling, and the effort has had them working with tourism boards around the world. 

Fashion Designer: He built a community on Instagram and grew it into a brand

Ta-Ku’s frequent travels and desire to stay comfortable while flying actually ended up leading to his fashion line Cozy. It began as a hashtag #TeamCozy that sort of began as a joke showing the shoes he wore when he flew, but they worked to build a community around it and engaged conversation between sneaker enthusiasts. He took the next step creating a clothing brand from the hashtag. The brand now has a full collection of items including both lounge clothing and streetwear pieces. 

Barbershop Owner: His love for barbershop culture lead to becoming a partner in a barbershop

In addition to all these endeavors, Ta-Ku is also a business owner as a partner of Westons Barbershop in Perth alongside a couple of his favorite barbers. He’s always shown a passion for barbershops and the culture surrounding them so the move made sense for him as both a business move and passion project.

Singing: He recently unveiled a hidden talent by including his own vocals on tracks

I just always loved too sing. Even though I'm not that good. At the end of the day i just thought to myself – what do i have to lose? I want to push myself and keep growing as an artist. This seemed like the next organic step for me. Im still learning and loving the progression.  - Ta-Ku

Not only has Ta-Ku expanded his creative works beyond his music, but he also recently showcased a new musical talent. We previously heard Ta-Ku sing as he "mustered enough courage to jump on" a track with his own vocals alongside fellow Aussie Wafia on "American Girl". The two acts proved to be a natural fit on the cover and followed up the tune’s success with a 5-track joint EP called (m)edian. Ta-Ku put his vulnerable vocals on full display with his latest offering demonstrating his versatility as both a producer and vocalist. This project showcased his newly-exposed vocal talent in duet form alongside Wafia’s charming voice.

We are anxiously awaiting what's next in the exciting creative mind of Ta-Ku. 

Photo credit: Kayla Mathews.