Electro Funk Duo The Floozies Drop Electrifying New Single “Arithmetic” Feat. ProbCause


Known for their fun singles like “FNKTRP” and, more recently, “Granola Jones,” The Floozies have mastered combining live instrumentation and production to create one funky, fun signature sound. As of last night the duo are back with another catchy single, “Arithmetic” feat. ProbCause.  

“Arithmetic” is everything that we love about The Floozies, combining funky synths, varied percussion and a delicious guitar riff that soars through your speakers. ProbCause, a vocalist who has appeared on other electro funk tracks like Gramatik’s “Back to the Future,” was the perfect match, with his crisp vocal chops merging smoothly with the production. An electro, synth-driven drop concludes the song, keeping the overall tone upbeat and infectiously enjoyable. Check out the single below and enjoy!

The Floozies – Arithmetic