The Great Flood Catastrophe – Fallen Love (Kill Paris Remix) + The Love We Shared (2012 B-Side) : Incredible Soulful Electronic Indie Songs

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There has been such an influx of amazing new music I didn't want to post these until there was enough time to really appreciate it. It's from Kill Paris,  and it's two more incredible tracks he's labeled "Panty Soak and Drop-step", which after listening makes a little more sense. We've featured 3 of his songs with downloads a few months back, and they still make there way on to my playlists. He makes incredibly melodic bass packed indie electronic songs all packed with soulful edge.The first of which is from a relatively unknown indie rock group The Great Flood Catastrophe, "Fallen Love" turned into one of the sexiest freshest songs I've heard awhile.

The second song "The Love We Shared (2012 B-Side Remix)" uses the vocal from "In My Mind (ft. Georgi Kay) Axwell Mix)", but with an incredible level of fresh electro-soul energy. He's got such a defined smooth soulful style always packing a modern electronic kick. I can't get enough of this guy, and can only imagine what full lenth EP or album would be like. For now, you can hit replay on 2 more tracks, enjoy!

The Great Flood Catastrophe – Fallen Love (Kill Paris Remix) | Download

Kill Paris – The Love We Shared (2012 B-Side Remix) | Download

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