Underground Duo, The Human Touch, Drop Light Drum n’ Bass Track “My Level”


Drum n’ Bass is one of the more polarizing genres out there. Some people can head bang themselves to death with it, others want to throw it in the trash and light it on fire. Our next addition to the site, Toronto based duo, The Human Touch, will perk the ears of even the most ardent of DnB haters with their featherlight new track, “My Level.”

Airy vocals and ambient synths create a chilled out space while an appropriately light DnB kit propels this tune through the clouds. This new track is also accompanied by a slightly trippy yet nostalgic visualizer—a product of the group’s new label, Human Touch Music, which goes beyond music production by focusing on the visual elements of art, photography, and video as well as music.

Stream The Human Touch’s new single, “My Level,” and watch the visualizer below. Enjoy!

The Human Touch – My Level